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Eater Headhunter: Jovia Looking for Non-Douchebag

Jovia, the pricey American Upper East Side restaurant and Eater Hospice resident, is in search of a tournant. But not just any old tournant:

Reply to:
Date: 2007-01-11, 2:36PM EST

Up-and-coming chef seeks serious, talented tournant with aspirations of becoming a chef. Our kitchen is highly democratic and we take input from all interested parties. Join our team and see your ideas take shape on the menu. Pay is competitive, but paycheck seekers and mercenaries need not apply. We only want you if you are truly interested in food and cooking.

Please apply in person at 135 E 62nd street between 2 and 6pm.
Emailed resumes will not be considered without a cover letter.
No douchebags.

It turns out that the original Craigslist job listing has been edited to remove that last prerequisite. Jovia is an equal opportunity employer, afterall.
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