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The Shutter: Wild Lily Tea Room's Heartfelt Goodbye

Rebirth is coming up momentarily with the good 'wood, but first, a brief interlude with The Shutter, which reports on restaurant and bar closings around town.

2007_01_wildlily.jpg1) Chelsea: An Eater reader emails, "Wild Lily Tea Room on 22nd and 10th is closing. I just called to make a reservation and the recording says that they may be reopening somewhere else in the future but no definite plans just yet." Sure enough, the Wild Lily blog posted this farewell image last week, with the owner writing, "David Blech, my pioneer customer who lives nearby, was walking down 22nd Street toward the tea room as we were leaving. I said, 'David, do you want to lock the door?' He said, “That is your honor. I am coming to say good-bye and thank you to all of you." Click through for the full farewell. [Wild Lily Blog]

2) Soho: As a clarification of sorts, Jerry's owner Jerry Joseph drops us an email in regards to this report: "The reports of my closing Jerry's have been grossly exaggerated. We are open and will remain open for at least nine months."

3) Shutter Recap: For Shutter addicts who might have missed them, EaterWire has reported on two closings in the past fortnight. The Lower East Side's Paul's Boutique will wind down business to make way for a full-service Italian winebar. Separately, 50 Carmine in the Village has been put out of its misery.