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Plywood Report: Alchemy, ex-Komegashi, ex-Boxer's, Billyburg Double Dip!

1) Park Slope: Here's a new drinking spot close to opening on Fifth Avenue. Photo via therealjanelle in the Eater Photo Pool. [PLYWOOD]

2) Flatiron: An Eater reader emails, "Komegashi is presently closed. All signage remains intact, the windows are covered over with brown paper and the inside is in the process of being gutted. Either they're closed and the façade will be replaced completely, or they're putting a load of money into the place as the work inside looks substantial. I've never seen it even close to packed, so I'm thinking something else is coming in." [PLYWOOD]

3) West Village: Fresh off the loss of its lease, two reports of doings in the former Boxer's space: a) "Some action at the former West 4th Street bar and restaurant at 8:30 Wednesday Morning. The front door of former Boxer's was open and was unloading a delivery. I glanced into the boxes and saw that they were unpacking brand new kitchen utensils still in their original packaging. I saw whisks, soup ladles, and various other kitchen utensils." b) "The paper came down off of the windows at the space formerly known as Boxer's on the corner of West 4th and Barrow. The new establishment is called Oliver's Bar and Grill. Talk about fast transitions!" [PLYWOOD/ POST-PLYWOOD?]

4) Williamsburg: Photoblogger Will Femia files photo reports on two spots close to opening. At Berry and N9th, a Vietnamese eatery plans to open its doors next month; N8th and Wythe looks to be scoring a new bar. [PLYWOOD/POST-PLYWOOD]

Got Plywood? Surely you know the drill by now.

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