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Wong Ophaso Gone, Joe Ng Promoted at Chinatown Brasserie

[Chinatown Brasserie; Kalina 6/1/06.]

As Cutlets has it, Tyson Wong is departing Chinatown Brasserie, apparently to return to Bangkok and spend more time with his family. But the other half of the story, which, frankly, may prove more interesting, is that Chinatown Brass management has promoted Joe Ng from his previous post as Dim Sum King to Executive Chef of the whole kit and caboodle. Owner John McDonald: "Joe Ng will simply oversee both sides now. In the coming months we will work in new dishes onto menu that have his signature." Though there is the question of just how versatile a cook Ng can be, this could very well be a turning point for Chinatown Brasserie, where Ng's dim sum had overshadowed the non-Ng half of the menu from the outset.

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