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EaterWire: Shopsin's 'going to take a while', Fire At 71 Clinton St, Grey Dog University Official

· It's time for another Shopsin's Update. Eater pen pal Kenny Shopsin checks in: "It is starting to look like opening, but Shopsin's is going to take a while. All the permits have to be gotten consecutively. There is a delay between Fire permit, electrical permit, health dept. permit, etc. We will keep moving forward, but do not see January, February, or even March as certain opening dates. I will make reports as often as warranted. Anyone interested in seeing our progress, or the mall (its great) should visit us. 120 Essex Street, stall#16. Ken." [EaterWire Inbox]

· 71 Clinton Fresh Foods. What a time that was. And now: "At about 4:30 am last night I was woken to the lovely smell of smoke and breaking windows. I live on Rivington and basically am adjacent to 71 Clinton - which as been vacant since the land lords kicked the deli and restaurant out. Anyway, the fire department was there until after 6 am and it seemed like there was some pretty extensive damage." [EaterWire Inbox]

· Pictured above, photos from the official lease signing party at Grey Dog University (90 university Place), which we've previously noted. The lease documents are signed and the coffee shop is now officially a card-carrying member of the Plywood club. The inset photo is owner Dave Ethan. [EaterWire]

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