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Plywood Sneak: Bowery Hotel Restaurant

Earlier today, Curbed took a gander at the Bowery Hotel, the towering creation at Bowery and East 3rd that's opening soon under the ownership of the Maritime Hotel group. We've been watching the goings-on in the corner space for a few months with some fascination—it's an aggressive build-out, with touches of genuine ambition. The only thing that wasn't entirely clear was whether this was, in fact, a restaurant.

But now, the above photo, dropped in the Eater Photo Pool by contributor kathryn, seems to clinch it. Note what appears to be a pizza oven on the back wall. Beyond that, we're in the dark about this project—who knows more? (While you ponder, check out another good interior view.)
· Tower of Bowery: Is that a Wood Oven I Spy? [kathryn/Eater Photo Pool]
· Inside the Tower of Bowery [Curbed]

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