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Eater Inside: R Bar

There's an Eater Inside double feature coming at you today. First, one for the LES-clubbing/blogger/B & T enthusiasts; Next, we head to the West Village, where Kalina has stormed the gates of Blind Tiger.

[Kalina, 9/7/06.]

R Bar gets the Inside treatment not for a particularly flashy design or powerhouse set of owners, but for its achievement in the category of LES Facelifts. Indeed, until very recently this was the very casual and wood-heavy Pioneer Bar, rather an antithetical concept to have preceded R Bar, indeed. But, a bored ownership with the capacity to remodel does not stand idly by -- not in a neighborhood where proprietors redesign for sport, at least. Now the room boasts such elements as black epoxy resin on the floors, pleather on the walls and a Chesterfield-inspired DJ booth. And, in the private room, the Eater pick for accessory of the year: stripper poles.

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