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Eater Inside: Blind Tiger Ale House

In the second half of today's Eater Inside double feature, we bring gifts for the West Villagers. Meet the new coffee shop on the block, kids.

[Kalina, 9/7/06.]

The Blind Tiger Ale House, born a decade ago on Hudson Street has (kinda sorta) reopened in their new digs at Bleecker and Jones. In an SLA-induced twist of fate, a bar once known for having two dozen beers on tap and for being an extremely serviceable local watering hole is now sans liquor license. This, of course, has forced the bar to become a coffee shop in a neighborhood that holds the record for most coffee shops per square inch. Nevertheless, its pedigree and earnest approach will keep it afloat while it is dry. And if the Joe-inspired coffee swirls and home made muffins are anything to speak of, operating hours of 7:30 am to 4 am may be in store.

Further reading on the opening.

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