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Deathwatch: Diablo Royale

This is fun, no? Next up is Diablo Royale, which has quietly tried to turn itself from a Mexican restaurant into a bar. Here's a field report from earlier today:

i noticed that diablo royal on w10th st. removed several tables ( 30 seats??) and replaced it with a bar, which of course was jammed the minute the doors opened making it appear to be more bar (club?) than restaurant.
This move is all well and good, of course, except for the fact that the place probably doesn't have a permit to operate a bar. That 500-foot rule is really going to leave a mark if the SLA catches wind of this. (Remember, Bob Giraldi is an owner here. That name ring a bell, per chance?) OVER/UNDER: January
· Diablo Royale [AOL City Guide]

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