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BREAKING: Blind Tiger Re-Opens As a Coffee Shop

Rather quietly, The Blind Tiger Ale House has opened in their new digs at 281 Bleecker Street in the West Village. But in a shocking twist, the venue has become a 7:30 am to 7 pm coffee shop until they get their liquor license. Per owner Dave Brodrick's website note:

Of course, our mantra at the Tiger has always been, "When given a bunch of lemons, make lemonade." Unfortunately, without a liquor license, lemonade and coffee is pretty much all we're making at the moment. Well, at least our coffee is a work of art, thanks to David Reeve, our barista from Seattle.
Muffins and other baked goods and sandwiches are offered, too. As for the small matter of the liquor license, ahead read Dave's cry to the neighborhood for help.
We still don't know when we'll be getting our liquor license, though we did find out one of the reasons it's been delayed - Deborah Glick, the assemblywoman who represents our district, wrote a letter to the State Liquor Authority saying our license should be rejected because we're a bar rather than a restaurant, "a large bar that primarily serves beer," and that isn't what Bleecker Street needs. I wrote her a nice letter explaining how we actually have an excellent kitchen and that we're opening as an espresso bar and cafe. Ms. Glick prides herself on protecting neighborhood businesses, which is what I always thought we were. I suggested that rather than judge us without ever visiting or calling, she stop by for a coffee and a pressed sandwich. Actually, according to the State Liquor Authority, her letter and influence is the most damning thing against us. I was wondering whether you might visit her website and write her a note explaining that we're actually a quality place that happens to cater to a lot of her constituents. You can email her at I'm sure she would enjoy hearing from you.

· The Tiger Opens! [BTAH]

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