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Bamn: Alright if we move on now?

Among the headlines to come out of last week was the opening of Bamn* on St. Mark's Place, the city's first automat in blah blah blah years. In sum, your search for the best piece of $1.25, self-serve, single-serving spam is finally is over.

We now respectfully request that everyone get over it. If you're in search of cheap food on St. Marks, there are half a dozen venues about a dollar more expensive and a world of goodness better than Mr. Pink. Plus, one more bit of press and the clippings girl at Hall will start crying.

Really, it's not as big a deal as they're trying to get you to believe. Really and truly. Many thanks for your cooperation.

*No, we will not indulge the venue by going along with their capital letters nor their absurdly placed exclamation marks.

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