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MenuGate: Zagat & Menupix Respond

The Eater Spot Investigators are resting after yesterday's rigorous on-site visit to Eleven Madison Park.

In the lull before their next investigation, some welcome news: those considering dining at Eleven Madison can now enjoy updated menus at both Menupix and Zagat, both of which were kind enough to drop us an email to let us know about changes at their sites. Check out their explanations, after the jump.

Dan at Menupix emails: "As regular readers of, we have been following the “MenuGate” investigation. We saw you chose 11 Madison Park this morning to do a menu comparison and our menu was out of date. To be fair, we waited to let you investigate the differences before we updated the menu, even though we noticed the menu had changed. In any event, now that you’ve written your piece, we have updated the menu as we do for restaurants everyday. We have a team specifically assigned to update menus and we receive user submissions as well to let us know about restaurant changes."

Michael at Zagat emails: "Thanks for including in 'MenuGate.' You were correct in noting that the Eleven Madison Park menu on our website was from before Chef Humm's arrival. Because of your reporting, we have obtained the new menu and it will be available tomorrow, September 28 at

After just four months in the menus game, now has nearly 1,000 New York City restaurant menus online - with many more to come. We're always trying to give our users as much information as possible so that they can make informed decisions about where to go and what to eat. In addition to menus, we recently added a couple of other free features to including photos of restaurants and the ability to post reviews.

To keep our menus up to date, we encourage restaurants to send us their latest menus whenever they make changes and we also reach out to them frequently throughout the year to request updates."

Good show.
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