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Cutlets v. Strong: Something to see here?

UPDATE: The players respond and our plot thickens. Skip to the bottom, if you wish.

Scanning Cutlets this afternoon we couldn't help but notice an interesting post pop up. It was the kind of post we didn't want to notice, tried hard not to notice, but, ultimately, that's right, noticed. It was this:

Warning: You may be stiffing your bartender

...Your tab is added to your dinner bill, and some soigné functionary puts the drinks on a tray and whisks them to your table. Does this mean your tip on the meal covers the drinks as well? Bartenders have to eat, too, and it's always bad form to stiff one. Michael Lawrence, co-operations director at Daniel, has this to say: "Consensus here is that, yes, one should leave a tip for the bartender or lounge server before proceeding into the dining room. At a fine-dining restaurant, an appropriate bar tip for two guests would be $3 to $4."

While this post is basically innocuous (Cutlets wants to improve dining room EATiquette; more power to him) it has an extremely familiar ring to it.

On Monday (n.b. today is Thursday and that's the difference of three days), Strongbuzz went with this (as part of her new "Buzzards" Q & A and classified section):

Bartenders often get stiffed on the round of drinks they served you when a check is transferred. The waiter only tips them a small percentage for the drinks you order from the table, so when you transfer, they might only receive $2 for the 4 cocktails they expertly prepared for you. Your best bet is to politely ask the bartender to transfer the check with an appropriate tip in hand, placed respectfully on the bar with a compassionate smile.
We have questions too, of course, the most notable of which is, What the hell goes on here? Absent of a Cutlets' hat tip in Strong's direction, our theories range from a secret Cutlets/Strong collaboration to a quiet, burning, brewing Cutlets/Strong feud. Obviously, we're rooting for feud. Your theories welcomed here.
· Buzzards Q & A: On Transferring Bar Tabs [Strongbuzz]
· Eatiquette: You may be stiffing your waiter [Cutlets]

UPDATE/BONUS CUTLESAGE: Both players here have responded to our query. Mr. Cutlets writes us, "By no means do I ever want to be embroiled in a feud with La Strong, whom I admire both as a writer and as a good egg all around. That post was written some weeks ago, and we at Grub Street are so caught up in our launch, that Andrea's new feature passed unnoticed. It may be hard to credit us with a Darwin-and-Wallace like case of coincidental publication, but that's how it is. We would certainly not have chosen to launch Eatiquette by blatantly ripping off a writer we like, and who is so widely read. But a mistake is still a mistake, and our apologies go out to Andrea."

And from the Strongstress: "i am always up for a feud, good juicy drama these days is so hard to find (i think studio 60 is already overrated) but i adore mr. cutlets and have always had a great working relationship with him. so i don't see any ill-will here."

And so we are left with no choice but to conclude that they are in cahoots; that they are forming an alliance. More to come.

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