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On restaurant web design: Peter Cherches is not pleased

Peter Churches, food blogger, writer and design aficionado has penned a rant on the subject of restaurant websites that should immediately be considered required reading for anyone even thinking about designing a restaurant website. For casual site visitors, the blog post is therapeutic. As he points out, the world of restaurant websites, like the array of venues themselves, is amazingly diverse in look, feel, quality and utility; although, 'diverse' may not be as accurate a description as would be 'horrific.'

One of the characteristics that many restaurant sites share is the splash page, basically an introductory screen that gives little information and usually requires you to click somewhere to enter the site. Of course I want to enter the site, dammit. That's why I typed the url or followed a search-engine link. I thought I was turning the key to the door, or at least knocking, but I'm left standing in the cold. Knock, knock, please let me in...

Once you figure out how to turn the music off the real fun begins. A lot of restaurant sites like to play a game called "let's see if you can figure out how to get any information out of me." Sometimes links to content consist of unnamed icons that do not reveal their identity until you position your mouse over them. Sometimes the names, or labels, are completely inconsistent or confusing. Sometimes the links dance around the page.

There is much much more, including Peter's list of the absolute worst restaurant websites in existence (Roberto Passon being one, by way of amuse). Do click through.
· When Good Restaurants Do Bad Websites [Word of Mouth]

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