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MenuGate: Spot Inspectors Arrive at Eleven Madison Park

2006_09_menugate.jpgAs promised, let's begin our Spot Inspection of the city's major online menu providers.

First things first: setting the benchmark. Above is a portion of the menu from Danny Meyer's Eleven Madison Park. This menu—freely available on the restaurant's official site—shows almost exactly what one can expect to eat should one stop in tonight. Meyer's team tells Eater, "Eleven Madison Park updates the menu on their website about twice a week. Right now the menus posted are accurate other than a slight change with the poularde dish. I'm not sure how often the menu sites update their info, but our own site is pretty well maintained."

Putting aside the matter of the chef's tasting menus—we'll get back to those—the Eater Spot Inspection Team charges one point for every item listed on a menu that's no longer available at the restaurant—in our parlance, each Menu Violation. By this standard, Meyer sets the benchmark with a highly respectable 1 Menu Violation.

Next, we turn our eyes to Manhattan's online menu sites to see how they represented the Eleven Madison Park dinner menu as of 10:00am this morning. Strap in.
· Dinner Menu, Eleven Madison Park [, PDF]
· MenuGate: Spot Inspections Tomorrow [~E~]

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