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Deathwatch: Barbounia

Barbounia has been on the DWC radar for a while now, since it opened, in fact. But just recently two pieces of intel have come across the transom, which together indicate the beginning of the end. First, there was a note saying, "word on the street is that Barbounia stopped paying vendors and many bartenders are looking for work..." Uh oh. Then, over at Gotham Gal, she mentioned in passing that the restaurant was rather empty at lunch, a meal on which, given the size of that space, they absolutely must turn a profit. Double uh oh.

Now, we're dealing with some restaurant vets (including Simon Oren) and, probably, a long term lease. The most likely scenario involves a 'closed for renovations' announcement followed by a menu more oriented towards sharing and small plates. Then, finally, pre-closure, they'll try for an all-out bar scene and bring in promoters to fill it between 10 pm and 2 am. The death here is going to be long and painful and quite fun to watch. OVER/UNDER (on stage 1 death): December 2006

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