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MenuGate: Menupix & Zagat at Eleven Madison Park

2006_09_menugate.jpgResuming our MenuGate investigation, Eater Spot Inspectors call to the floor the Eleven Madison Park menus presented (as of 10am this morning) by Menupix and Zagat. The menus, as you'll note above, share many similarities—to each other. The problem here is that they have no similarity whatsoever to the menu that will be presented to patrons at Eleven Madison Park tonight.

Let's go to the scorecard, with one point being awarded for each dish no longer on the restaurant's actual menu...

Menupix: Opting to present the menu in its original font isn't a bad idea (and presumably puts the -pix in Menupix)—and if the menu here didn't look like it had been run backwards through a 1980s-era fax machine, we'd probably endorse this approach. Aesthetics aside, there's no escaping the fact that this is the menu Eleven Madison was using before chef Daniel Humm arrived earlier this year and shitcanned it. There's a lot of menu real estate on the MenuPix page, but none of it actually useful to prospective diners.
Menu Violations: an insanely robust 32 (apps 18, mains 14)

Zagat: The fonts are different—and, you, know, actually readable—but the core issue is the same: this is the old Eleven Madison Park menu. Zagat gets off a bit easier than Menupix by showcasing fewer dishes. But given the fact that Zagat curates far fewer menus than most online menu sites, the oversight is depressing.
Menu Violations: a troubling 19 (apps 11, mains 8)

Next up: Menupages and Menutopia.
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