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MenuGate: Menutopia & Menupages at Eleven Madison Park

2006_09_menugate.jpgMenuGate rolls on, with the Spot Investigators summoning Menupages and Menutopia to the dancefloor. As with the previous two menu purveyors rated here, the menus here look quite a bit alike; happily, in this case, that's mostly good news.

To the scorecard, with one point scored for each obsolete menu item no longer offered on the actual Eleven Madison Park menu...

Menutopia: It would be a reasonable critique of the Menu Violation system to note that, when a menu changes as often as it does for chefs who favor seasonal ingredients, such as Eleven Madison's Daniel Humm, no comprehensive online menu site can be expected to keep up. Eater Spot Investigators have some sympathy for this argument. If an online menu gives a pretty good overview of the kind of dishes one can expect, and nails the chef's unchanging crowd favorites, we're in the ballpark—for sit-down meals anyway. (Takeout is another story—fear not, we'll get there.) And so newcomer Menutopia deserves props for presenting what appears to be a recent midsummer menu at Eleven Madison—even if the inclusion of what appear to be three brunch items (organic egg frittata, eggs benedict, pecan praline pancackes) does mar the entrees section, and thus its Menu Violations tally.
Menu Violations: a reasonable 10 (apps 5, mains 2, rogue brunch items 3)

Menupages: Finally, here's the granddaddy of the online menu trend, the almighty Menupages. Like Menutopia, the menu here appears to be from sometime this summer, though Menupages has done a better job of excluding obvious seasonal dishes (like Menutopia's "Grilled Watermelon") from their list. Pretty well done. So overall, for this investigation anyway, the king keeps his crown. And by the king, we of course mean Danny Meyer.
Menu Violations: a just-about-fine 9 (apps 3, mains 6)

Think MenuGate is over? No chance. The Spot Investigators will arrive shortly at a new venue. Please stand by.
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