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The Shutter: Harry's Burritos, Starfoods, Le Caridad (Redux)

Uh-oh. Strap yourself in for another gruesome installment of The Shutter, a roundup of restaurant and bar closings around town. Heard the deathrattle in your neighborhood? Do let us know.


1) Central Village: An Eater reader emails, "Harry's Burritos in the village [at West 3rd/Thompson] has thrown in the towel. I took a very bad photo of a note posted in the window citing the 'change' in the village for the closing. I'll post it to the eater flickr pool." And sure enough, there it is (above). [Citysearch]

2) East Village: "I had dinner last night @ Elephant on 1st and 1st and noticed the restaurant Starfoods was closed. I also noticed the taxicab gararge beside Starfoods was closed and boarded up. Any word on what is going on here?" Yes, the same space one made (in)famous as Smith before transmogrifying into 64 and then Starfoods. Calls to the restaurant phone first met with an irregular answering machine beep, then a forward to a cellphone. She's doneski, friends. [Citysearch]

3) Upper West Side: Following up on our previous Shutter report: seems the closing of Le Caridad "for renovations" may in fact be something more. Emails an Eater reader, "Next to the 'closed for renovation' sign is a 'store for rent' sign." Hmmm. [Shutter]

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