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Ladies who Lunch (with Code TV)

Over the last few months, Code TV ("the ultimate guide to things that aren't beneath you") has been producing video segments on restaurants ranging from Trestle on Tenth to Picholine. Sometimes they're watchable, most of the time they're less so, thanks to a soundtrack and graphics package that make you want to run for cover.

But it turns out there is something redeeming happening here among the beta jitters. Geniusly, they have invited a few of NY's favorite food writers (for now, the ladies of food) to guest star on Code's restaurant segments. So, for the first time in history of the Internet, not only can you read about, say, Andrea Strong's visit to Boqueria, but you can watch it, too. Or perhaps you're curious about Restaurant Girl? She's fast-becoming a regular Code guest (and, if you pay close attention to newer videos, interestingly chummy with Code host Sara Gore).

Meet them, greet them, know them. Schrambling, you're next, sunshine.
· Andrea Strong []
· Danyelle Freeman (Restaurant Girl) []
· Jennifer McBride (Savory NY) []

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