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Ask the Deathwatch: What about Urena?

Proof that the Deathwatch isn't pure evil, sometimes they can help too. Here now, Ask the Deathwatch, in which we try to save a venue on the verge of demise.

The Deathwatch Committee has received multiple nominations for Alex Urena's epnomous restaurant in Murray Hill/Upper Flatiron. People have been cited thin crowds, the decor and the location among the things that simply cannot be over come. And while these folks may ultimately prove correct, Urena will not get Deathwatched on this day. There is a talented chef cooking interesting food here. (Hat tip to Chef Urena on his salt cured tuna, too, which was among the highlights at the Star Chefs Gala Tasting on Tuesday night.) Instead we're going to defer the decision and issue this plea to Alex: Suck it up and post the Times review in the window. Pedestrian traffic can save you if you let them.
· Looks can be deceiving [NYT]

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