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Dish: Ninja with Bikinis &c.!

It's going to be a dish-filled afternoon, here at the Eater. First off, a couple of bigger openings, as you start to fill your weekend resy calendar.

2006_09_htzoneeater.jpg1) Hawaiian Tropic Zone: Ninja with Bikinis, Hawaiian Tropic Zone, opens tonight with a laser light show extravaganza hosted by PR giant Harrison & Shriftman. Tonight isn't likely going to happen for those uninvited, but come 9/30 David Burke's latest experiment in brand extension, this time in Times Square, will be yours for the sampling (212-626-7216). [Flo Fab, image via The Real Estate]

2) Goblin Market: The renovated, reinvented Soho Cantina space, now called Goblin Market is also throwing an opening party tonight. It'll open to the public tomorrow (212-375-8275). The chef is Richard Pelz, who has an eclectic-sounding menu of Asian-touched fare. Interestingly, the design is by Alex Freij (of, unfortunately, Diner 24 infamy), who's going for 'been there forever.' Both food and room concepts are far easier said then done, of course, so the pre-opening handicapping of this one is anyone's guess. [NYM]

3) Lonesome Dove: In case you missed it, Lonesome Dove opened to the public yesterday. Now, when Tim Love says that his food is 'urban western' and you think 'Maremma' you might be onto something. In fairness, however, early reports from the field are quite good and Love has picked the right neighborhood (Flatiron), so the venue may prove lasting (212-414-3139). [official site]

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