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On the House: The Bruni Journal, Coda

Today ends The Bruni Journal, William Tigertt's musings on getting reviewed by the NY Times. In the end, Freemans received a big fat "Satisfactory." Here now, our proprietor's final journal entry, written just moments ago.

Wednesday, Sept 20th
"Surrender Dorothy"
Bruni hates us. I can’t say it’s fun to be on the sharp end of one of the harshest reviews he’s done since Ninja. The Krug was still flowing at Freemans last night to celebrate the end of this whole drama, but the mood was more somber than festive.

At the end, Taavo was the one that called it. Ten years in architecture and fashion has given him a healthy dose of skepticism when it comes to critics. He didn’t stick around to see how the review came out, but he texted me later, “Critics have been slamming the Stones for decades, but they like making music and people like listening to it. Our food is simple, but people like it. We’re not trying to be Phillip Glass.”


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On the House is Eater's weekly column written by the owners and operators of the great food and beverage establishments of New York. Your resident proprietor is William Tigertt of Freemans.

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