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Pinkberry Rising: A Primer

The Robs have Pinkberry on their opening report for this week, which should officially put Manhattan into a state of frenzied anticipation for the West Coast's answer to Tasti-d-Lite (a company that, thanks to flat-out abominable service, we've been wanting to take down for some time). For the uninitiated, Pinkberry arrived in West Hollywood in January of 2005 and has since then become every bit the problem/addiction that is Tasti for NY. And, believe it or not, it's regularly commanding lines the likes of which rival those at Shake Shack. Truth, people.

Owned by Hyekyung Hwang, Pinkberry serves two flavors (plain and green tea; plain is the move) and myriad, quirky toppings such as Cap'n Crunch and mochi. There's also an interior that might as well be a Design Within Reach showroom. And here is the ultimate irony, especially as it relates to landing in NY: The venue is the result of relations with community activists gone bad. After residents killed her idea for a tea room, Pinkberry was born. Now, there is a high volume of traffic and an around-the-block line at all hours of the day.

Which brings us to Pinkberry NY. A call to the shop this morning reveals that the opening of their 32nd Street store will happen no sooner then Thursday at 11 AM or, more realistically, later in the day Thursday or late morning on Friday.

For now, there are many questions and few answers. Will this be the end of Tasti-d-Lite? Will they install cameras to monitor lines, because they know we love that nonsense. Will we all get addicted? When will the first Kalinas arrive?

Developing, rest assured.
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