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EaterWire: Baum's Blog, Ye Waverly, Marshall Stack

· BREAKING: It seems someone is getting a wee bit tired of being the bridesmaid. Jennifer Baum and Bullfrog & Baum have launched a blog, inevitably and painfully titled, Bullfrog and Blog. The Frog Blog for sort, don't you know. So far, they've shilled about half-way through their client list, but it's early still. Their introductory post: "From our perch on the coriander crusted branches of the culinary tree, you could say that we at Bullfrog and Baum are privy to some hot stuff. From tastings to awards ceremonies, we’re as much a part of the city’s culinary landscape as the chefs we represent." [EaterWire]

· In Lowdown today, news on the future Behemoth of Bank Street, Graydon Carter's Ye Waverly Inn. "Carter vowed that the just-renovated space - a few doors down from his house on Bank St. - will open for business in late October. "It will have the best martini in New York, four fireplaces and a wraparound mural by Ed Sorel in the dining room," Carter crowed." [NYDN via Jossip]

· Next, on the topic of our old pal Marshall Stack: "I was at one of the soft openings. You can look forward to an extensive beer & wine list with some fun and interesting surprises. They will be adding pressed sandwiches and other dishes designed to be eaten at the extra long bar." [EaterWire Inbox]

· "There's a new le pain quotidien on 17th and 7th...Not that that's insanely noteworthy, but I thought I'd mention because thinking that you've spotted something is just plain fun." [EaterWire Inbox]