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Eater Inside: Soho Park

[Kalina, 9/12/06.]

Behold, the Shake Shack of Soho (sans cam, thus far) Soho Park. Father and son team of Ashim and Shawn Sengupta have had their Lafayette and Prince street canteen open for a full 10 days now and the locals seems to be rather pleased. Here are the results of an officially sanctioned early field inspection:

Room = Suburban Beer Garden
Burger = Quite good
French Fries = Subpar
Zucchini fries = Not Bad
Beer = Cold
Service = Dazed & Confused
Price = Cheap $15 meal in Soho
Early Crowd = Thin
Prognosis = 50/50 Good cheap burger vs. suburban vibe.
Further reading from its days of Plywood and at Ext212.

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