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Adventures in Shilling #001

Here now, #001 of, perhaps, many editions of Adventures in Shilling, in which we celebrate the grossest shills from the Eater Inbox and beyond.

1) From the Eater Inbox:

See link below, Amy Sacco wrote a book:

And also note Bette restaurant (one of my favorites) has a website now too:

Does anyone know how well bette is doing? Since it opened there has been very little buzz about it. I think it's one of the classiest places in town.

Shill Probability: 83%

2) Another from the inbox, though with a slightly different style:
After a night of star-studded hype and all the Bling-Bling, I found myself at Cafeteria in Chelsea. As most New Yorkers know that this is the place to go for great late night Eats, it seems that several celebrities share the same feeling. I found myself dining along side Puff Daddy, Paris Hilton and my favorite "FALL OUT BOYS"... You go Cafeteria! it still looks like your the Hot Spot Restaurant to go to...

Shill Probability: 99%

3) And from the shill cesspool that is Menupages:
I have been to 24 Prince two times for dinner. Loved the food, the scene, and the owners are so friendly. They stop by to make helpful recommendations from both the menu and the wine list. This is a great place to go for dinner before a boys night out, a girls night out, or just to sit at the bar with some great wine and scope out the attractive people. I highly recommend the pizza, the mac & cheese balls and the striped bass.

Shill Probability: 100%

Don't delay! Your nominations for worst shill now being accepted.

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