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Special Plywood/Dish Double-Dip: The Marshall Stack

From the Good Old Lower East Side, an Eater reader emails, "I see the the sidewalk surrounding Marshall Stack has been all dug up and closed off. Any word on what is going on here?" Ah, The Marshall Stack. Plywood veteran—and now, we find, the first restaurant in Eater's history to earn a joint Plywood/Dish Alert in the same post. To wit:

Plywood: The sidewalk outside the restaurant, located on the northeast corner of Allen and Rivington, is indeed dug up. The work is being done by the building owner, though, not the city—and thus seemingly with the restaurant's approval. In a land of cracked sidewalks, it will presumably give the place a nice new stoop. [POST-PLYWOOD/SOFT]

Dish: As the photo evidence from last night indicates, the Stack has boldly opened its bar to patrons in the softest of soft launches. Expect food to follow once the sidewalk is closed up.

And yet, we're still left with this question: Who the hell is Marshall Stack?
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