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On the House: Johnnie Walker Blue Index, Part II

Got a venue worthy of being JWB-Indexed? Right this way with the particulars, please.

2006_08_jwbi.jpgHere now, our second report on the Johnnie Walker Blue Index, the near fool proof measure of just how badly you're overpaying for booze at your favorite NY establishments. Recall, if you will, that the JWBI is defined as the menu cost of Blue Label cocktail divided by $14.74, or the wholesale price of that very same drink. Today, we'll explore midtown, downtown and, for the ugliest ugliness, bottle service clubs.

Midtown (Average JWBI: 2.83)
Four Seasons $50 // 3.39
BLT Steak $40 // 2.71
Lever House $35 // 2.37

Downtown Dining (Average: 2.46)
Bouley $55 // 3.73
Budakan $40 // 2.71
Balthazar $25 // 1.70
Patis $25 // 1.70
Perry St. [Black label only for Richard Meier crowd]

Just ahead, the venue with the worst JWBI to-date is revealed. Shocking!
Bottle Service Clubs (Average: 3.90)
Duvet $900 // 5.08
Penthouse Executive Players Club $700 // 3.95
Marquee $650 // 3.67
Double Sevens $600 // 3.39
Lotus $600 // 3.39
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