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EaterWire: East Village Edition

· As promised, Little Veselka is open: "It's a very open and cute reworking of that little hut....the iced coffee costs a quarter more than Le Kiosk's did, but it was tasty. i only glanced at the menu very quickly but it looked like pierogies cost 8 bones and it me or is that expensive?" [EaterWire Inbox]

· More on this tomorrow: "Passed by Jewel Bako Makimono on 2nd ave today, and saw a sign saying the whole place had moved around the corner to Jewel Bako, and that Jack's Luxury Oyster Bar was moving in (maybe the brownstone sold?). There was also a snazzy JLOB logo on the flyer that I didn't know existed." [EaterWire Inbox]

· "The douche-pocalypse of Avenue B is not a foregone conclusion: the adjoining spaces at the corner of Avenue B and Third Street that were formerly B3 and General Store and that have been widely rumored to have been acquired by the euroshitbags at Le Souk now have for rent signs on them. That's the good news - that all of lower Ave B will not immediately be ruined by the Le Souk folks. But the sign says that the spaces could be combined. In the wrong hands, that could be it for the block...." [EaterWire Inbox]

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