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Eater Inside: InTent

[Kalina, 8/3/06.]


Here we have Francois Payard's In Tent, his quasi-Moroccan entry on Mott Street (in the former Bot space). Other names are Philippe Bertineau, who is a partner; chef Craig Freeman; and tent mastermind/architect Xavier Delagrange. The early buzz has been generally positive, Payard's credentials having bought the joint the benefit of the doubt at the outset. Promising menu offerings include the warm curried crab napoleon, turkey osso buco and the daurade.

Given Payard's name choice, we'll note that reviews of the room have been mixed. Cuozzo awarded points for creativity, while Eater inspectors noted, "The front still has the ultra-mod glass wall. This needs to get some Moroccan-style curtains (or something) to take the edge of the otherwise sterile front area. I mean, yeah the tent thing is supposed to be all "romantic," but the front room feels like a different restaurant."

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