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The Shutter: Corner Billiards & Chelsea Grill

It's a hot Thursday, and there's carnage-aplenty. Settle in for an afternoon of restaurant, club, and bar shutters. This time, no one is safe.


1) East Village: Via the Curbed Photo Pool, photographic evidence (above) of the passing of Corner Billiards. Notes photographer mrgeneko, "Customers have been notified to clear out their cue lockers. The straight pool leagues will be moved to Amsterdam Billiards. Not sure what's going to happen to the other leagues. Word is that Amsterdam MAY be buying out Corners... but its not a done deal yet." [Flickr]

2) Chelsea: Emails an Eater reader, "The Chelsea Grill on 8th Avenue between 15th and 16th, has been closed along with the store fronts on each side of it. The notice on the Chelsea Grill thanks loyal customers and states that their lease was 'terminated.' The three store fronts seem to be all of one building."

More to come. Fear not. Or, rather—fear. Learn to love it.