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Eater Inside: Trestle on Tenth

[In the summer, the Kalina travels. Good for him, bad for your Eater Inside habit. In any event, 8/2/06.]

This is what all the fuss is about, press juggernaut Trestle on Tenth. The Chef/Owner is Ralf Kuettel and his kitchen is churning out dishes that some are calling European and others, more specifically, Swiss. Whatever your classification fancy, expect dishes such as sautéed veal kidneys in a trappist ale sauce and roasted lamb saddle. Design is by Josef Prini, with a rotating roster of artists are planned for the walls.

Though early press has been sizable in volume, it should be noted that the culinary set are not yet convinced. The talk on eGullet, for example, ain't pretty. It's early, though, and Swiss entries are few and far between in NY, much less Chelsea, so we should know more in October.

Further reading at Urbandaddy, DailyCandy, Code (video), and the official site.

Trestle on Tenth
Swiss, Ralf Kuettel, Garden
242 Tenth Avenue, 212-645-5659; Map

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