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The Shutter: Odea, Stonewall, Taku

The Shutter reports on restaurant, bar, and club closings. Enough said.

2006_08_odea.jpg1) Little Italy: Brace yourself for this one. An Eater reader emails, "Sad to report the closing of Odea (right), the AvroKO-designed, two-year-old bar/lounge in Little Italy. Understand it's being taken over by new owners, but that Mulberry and Broome address is a tough sell for the cool crowd." Time to revise the CV.

2) West Village: Email from Andy Towle: "Thought you guys might be interested. Stonewall, bar at site of birth of modern gay rights movement slated to close." More at Towleroad and the Observer.

3) Smith Street: "Taku on Smith Street closed. Last Sunday was its last night after just over a year of operation. It is going to turn into a slow-simmered Italian restaurant under the same owners."