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Eater Mailbag: Reservationgate & Sandwichgate

So, we're heading off on vacation next week. Taking a page from the Mothership, we've revisited our email inbox and found two recent reader correspondences worthy of your consideration before we go dark. Enjoy.

1) "I have had 3 reservations ‘lost’ or misplaced in 3 different restaurants in the last 7 days: lunch at Crispo was mysteriously moved to a different day, as was a dinner for 8 (!) at Buddha Bar. The table for 4 I acquired at Barbuto was sheer luck since the reservation was nowhere to be found. I've never had this much trouble keeping a reservation -- I always thought that getting it was the hard part! Has anyone else noted this sudden upsurge in reservation retardation? Would it be too much to ask for confirmation numbers?"

2) "Has anyone else noticed that the sandwitches at 'Witchcraft have gone on a diet? I had the Salami sandwich from the Bryant Park "shack" today for lunch, and found the huge ciabatta filled with one––yes, that's right, one––slice of salami. Yes, it was a regular slice. just under 1mm thick. Radius of about 3in. One piece. For $9, I'm not asking for Stage Deli fillings, but for the love of god, that's just a crime. I've now looked into it and three friends have also confirmed the offenses. Sandwichgate 2k6, anyone?"