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BruniBuilding: One Trainer per 5-Years Barolo Age

Close readers of the Bruniblog will note that the Bruni has a backlog. More restaurants visited than time to write dedicated posts about each one. While the demands of the job -- or, for that matter, the blog -- may be to blame, it's not helping matters that our man is also writing for Men's Vogue. Indeed, the September issue of the magazine has a 1,700-word essay on his eating and drinking habits, disguised as an essay on how he stays svelte. Backlog or no, at least the bonus material is colorful. Here's a snippet:

A typical night out: I dine at a white-clothed table with gleaming silverware at Del Posto, the grandest and possibly most sybaritic of the Mario Batali restaurants to date, and that's saying a lot. My companions and I gobble our way through chestnut ravioli with pigeon and myrtle. Through pudgy squiggles of pasta known as pici, which are mingled with duck testicles (bouncy on the outside, mushy within) and coxcombs. Through a roasted Guinea hen, its dark meat mixed with pan juices inside a hollowed pumpkin. The meal goes down with several bottles of decade-old barolo, a massive wine for a mammoth meal. We have tarts and cookies and eggy zabaglione flecked with pistachio amaretti for dessert.
Restaurateurs up for review will want to click through for Frank's morning run route, while exercise obsessives will take solace in knowing that our man keeps two trainers on call.
· Glutton for Punishment [Men's Vogue]

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