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Help Wanted: Eater LA

Brace yourselves, folks, because this is a good one. Eater is looking for an editor to write and manage our forthcoming title, Eater LA. Said person will have extensive knowledge of the LA restaurant and nightlife scene and its players, plenty of eating experience, a strong feeling one way or the other on Pinkberry, and perhaps a touch of wit. The editor will be expected to post 4-6 items daily, run his/her own intelligence gathering, and dispatch photographers and supporting writing staff as needed. Blogging, comedy writing, and basic HTML know-how all preferred but not required; same goes for food writing experience. Compensation is a combination of cash and glory.

Interested candidates should email us with your resume (no attachments, please), a few sentences on why you cannot wait to get started and two sample blog posts. If you have a blog or website of your own, links are invited. The sooner you email, the sooner you’ll be hired. Maybe.

New York friends: Please pass this along to your eating compatriots to the West.

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