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BruniBetting: Sip Sak

Tomorrow, Bruni will inspect the Turkish cafe, Sip Sak. Today, the Eater oddsmakers have set the action as follows:

Zero Stars: 5-1
One Star: 3-1
Two Stars: 2-1
Three Stars: 300-1
Four Stars: 30,000-1
Having been "awarded" a two star spot on the Robs Best Cheap Eats list, and now this, Sip Sak is enjoying some attention of late. Though this review is the very definition of a wild card, it's unlikely that column inches would be wasted on fewer than two stars, especially since it's more in Peter Meehan's $25 and Under domain than it is a Restaurants pick. The interesting sidebar to this review, of course, is that here we have first point of comparison for The Robs' and The Bruini's stars. All said, Eater will take the two star action, mostly based on the assumption that Frankie TwoStars is overdue for one of his star-system-obliterating two star specials.
· Sip Sak [NYT; after 9:30 PM]

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