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Dish Exclusive: Momofuku Ssäm Bar On the Verge

David Chang, proprietor and chef of the great Momofuku, ushers in what is sure to be a ssäm craze with the opening of his new Momofuku Ssäm Bar. The 40-seat venue at 207 Second Avenue will open for friends, family and smooth talkers this weekend and to the public shortly thereafter.

The ssäm, which is on the Momofuku daytime menu (inset photo: genuine Chang edition ssäm), is something of an Asian burrito; Berkshire pork, rice, edamame, onions, pickled shiitakes, and kimchi in a wrap, for example. Menus, Maximal Kalina and the like coming next week.

(N.B. Work for The Chang! Employment opportunities are available.)

Photo inset by My Empty Hipster Life.