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Eater Inside: Boqueria

[Kalina, 8/06]

Fresh off an awe-inspiring plywood run, it's Boqueria, the new Catalonian-influenced restaurant that's just opened in the old L'Acajou space on West 19th near Sixth Avenue. The place is scoring press for two key reasons: everyone's still gaga for anything Spanish-cuisine related (are there two sweeter words than upscale tapas?), and the proprietor is Suba owner Yann de Rochefort. Chef Seamus Mullen is late of Brasserie 8 1/2, but earned his stripes in a number of kitchens throughout Spain.

Finally, this item would not be complete if we didn't find a clever way of working in the fact that Boqueria is named for the Barcelona market of the same name. So there you go.

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