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Meyer to his public: 'No Feces!'

Late yesterday evening, in response to Shake Shack's run-in with the Department of Health, Camp Meyer circulated a mea culpa to various media outlets (Eater, Gawker, and others; probably Keil too, since he broke the story he was so quick to get on the bandwagon), which contained both an Official Meyer Apology and a violation-by-violation briefing of how the Shack would turn things around in time for its next inspection. Observe:

The major violations for which we were cited were either structural or operational. None found conditions of vermin, mucus, urine or feces.

To give you a better understanding of the situation, I am including an attachment of the actual violations cited by the Health Department accompanied by our action steps for each one.


(11) Cooked or prepared food is cross-contaminated.

(11) To adhere to the code, we now store meat and cheese in separate coolers.

We'll skip the question of why a massively successful and seasoned restaurateur wouldn't have just had separate coolers to begin with and go right to the net/net. Yes, the place was a filthy mess. Yes, Danny is sorry and will clean it up. Probably, Danny has made his staff miserable for the last two days drafting memos and devising 14-point plans. Yes, he still has the Eater endorsement when he runs for mayor. No, the line will not be getting any shorter.
· Shake Shack Fails Health Inspection, Scores 140 [~E~]
· Health Inspection/Actions Taken Report [USHG; .pdf]