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Molto Mario Goes to Hollywood (A Plywood Special Report)

Per the Batali playbook, we are a year of anticipatory buzz into the wait for Mozza/Osteria del Latte, Mario's West Hollywood collaboration with LA dining kinglady Nancy Silverton. While the Chowhounders remain conservatively optimistic about a September opening for Mozza ("phase 1"), photos just-in to the Eater news desk suggest that progress may not be far enough along to make that happen. NY-based Batali enthusiasts will note that we may even be pre-plywood, for rare is the Batali venue that does not receive an exterior face-lift pre-debut.

An update shall follow when we get an official word. Until then, exclusive, glorious interiors are just ahead.


Above, this is to be Mozza, a casual venue with a mozzarella bar as the focus. Below, Osteria del Latte, a pizzeria with a wood-burning-oven.


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