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EaterWire: Avenue B Hellmouth Edition

Didn't think we'd usher you into the weekend without some Wire, did you? People, please.

2006_08_avebnightsm.jpg · Moroccan eatery/dancepit Le Souk, terrorizing Lower Avenue B with special performance arts events like that seen here (right), was shuttered last night. Gothamist has word, suggesting the place has, perhaps, lost its liquor license. Not so, says a special Eater correspondent, who checks in with this Eater Mobile Alert: "Le souk open 6:15p friday. Antichrist not finished just yet." [Gothamist/EaterWire Mobile]

· Speaking of Le Souk, here's an unverified tipster email from across the street: "You do know that Le Souk’s new spot Carne Vale [Dish] doesn't really have its own liquor license, right? They've been operating under the previous establishment's, Carthage Palace, Inc., which isn't exactly kosher. moreover, it expires soon. September 30th to be exact. there has been a recent filing, on August 3rd, but I'm not sure what this entails, probably an extension. I'm interested in seeing what, if anything, the community has to say." As are we.! [EaterWire Inbox]

· Update on that East Williamsburg plywood tidbit from earlier today from another email tipster: "your erstwhile tipper seems to have neglected the prominent stop work orders pasted to your beloved plywood at wombat - construction shut down about a month +, and no signs of life since. grand street still waits." [EaterWire Inbox]

· Finally, in the West Village, yet another most excellent tipster emails fresh confirmation of a plywood report from early June: "There is construction going on at the former Le Pescadou at 6th Ave and King Street. A notice in the window for the CB meeting re: sidewalk cafe notes the owner as New Mekong." [EaterWire Inbox]

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