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When Shilling Backfires: Viet Cafe

If ever there was a great place to give a free plug for your favorite restaurant, the Times is the place. And now, with the BruniBlog at full tilt, it seems that the comments section there, especially in one of Frank's crazy burger posts, is quite a choice locale as well. But, landing the freebie mention is not as easy as it may appear. Take the case of Don Rimmer apparently a fan of Tribeca mainstay, Viet Cafe. He just wanted to say:

5. I recently came across what is to me a great burger, because it is not just a lump of ground beef; be it prime or chuck or stuffed with an ingredient I desire. But, it is properly seasoned and marinated prior to cooking. ‘Viet Cafe’ at 345 Greenwich Street in Tribeca serves what they call a ‘Viet Burger’ a hefty one at that, that has flavor, not only in the meat but with the accoutrements [sic] it serves on the bun. Cucumber, pickled carrot and a cilantro sauce in addition to good fries for $11. They tell me that one like this is served in Saigon.

Comment by Don Rimmer— August 3, 2006 @ 4:12 pm

So Don Rimmer likes Viet Cafe. No biggie. Except, there is this:
6. At least have the courtesy to hide your name if you own a restaurant and decide to post a review.

“The festival gets bigger each year,” says Don Rimmer, co-owner of Gallery Viet Nam (and the Viet Cafe next door) on Greenwich Street, which hosts several festival events.

Comment by Anonymous — August 3, 2006 @ 4:39 pm

Gotcha, Don. As you might imagine, the aftermath here is not pretty. Mr. Anonymous is not the only one displeased with Don's aggressive shilling strategy. Let this be a lesson to all: If you are going to shill, shill anonymously. Click on through if you're not convinced.
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