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Plywood Report: Gordon Ramsay, Spotted Dick, Honey, Fort Green Bars, and our old friend Marshall Stack

1) Midtown West: Brace thyself. It's not Hell's Kitchen exactly, but it is Gordon Ramsay. Emails a tipster, who enclosed the above photo, "I snapped this yesterday, looks like the new Gordon Ramsay space has begun fit out." According to the Scotsman, the restaurant will seat 100 in the main dining room, not including a less formal dining space and bar area. Given that opening is slated for next April in the retrofitted Rihga Royal Hotel on West 54th, we have nine months of plywood obsession ahead on this one. Good times. [PLYWOOD /]

2) Flatiron: Third time the charm for restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow in the shuttered Rocco's and Caviar & Banana space? Reports Braden Keil, "This fall, he plans to open an authentic British gastropub at 12 E. 22nd St., which he wants to name The Spotted Dick, after a steamed pudding served with currants or raisins in Great Britain. His savvy publicist, Karine Bakhoum, says she fears the moniker could be something of a sticky wicket here in the States. 'I'm practically on my knees begging him to name it anything else,' she says." [PLYWOOD/Keil/NYPost]

3) Chelsea: Writes a tipster, "a new restaurant lounge is opening on 14th and 8th ave. Gonna be called Honey, featuring fondue. Being opened by the owners of Dip lounge on 3rd ave. and 29th st." [PLYWOOD, assumedly]

4) Fort Greene: From Brooklyn blogger Set Speed comes word of two new bars on Lafayette. No names yet, and vague details (though one appears to be a New American joint with Dumbo heritage). Still, excitement brews: "No doubt, this will result in the corner of Lafayette, and Fulton as being the de-facto night-out spot in Fort Greene." Which is something. [PLYWOOD/Set Speed]

5) Lower East Side: Your daily Marshall Stack update: "I'm the guy you shot taking wood into the Marshall Stack. They're 1x6's, not 2x4's, so your eagle-eyed tipster might want to take a closer look at the selections at Sol Moscot's. Whomever the picture-taker is, they could've asked me anything they waned about the Stack. It's not like we're trying to be enigmatic. I think it's counter-productive for you to cast the restaurant in that kind of light. The guys who are running the place want to make a nice, neighborhood kind of place with good food. Pretty simple." [POST-PLYWOOD]