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NY Mag's Cheap Eats: Robs Get a Star System Too!

The annual New York Cheap Eats issue is out and with it comes Patronite & Raisfeld's brand new five-, "winsome red-rimmed white", star ratings system. These are not Platt stars, mind you, which are solid red. These are cheap stars for cheap restaurants (and, as such, they will now appear alongside all new Underground Gourmet reviews). For the purposes of roll-out, The Critics Rob have ranked their 101 favorite low-end venues, from Tanoreen in the top slot to Gray's Papaya at number 101. Plus, as is their custom, not only do they rate cheap restaurants, but they include their very expensive favorites too (rules be damned), such as Barbuto (22), Lupa (20), and Degustation (13). After all, why should Platt be the only one allowed to expense Batali?

Click on through for the entire list of 101 and for an explanation of how a one-star Cheap Eats rating could actually be a good thing.
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