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Eater Hospice: Biltmore Dead, Jefferson D'watched Anew

Fancy a check of the ol' Deathwatch? The Eater Hospice is just this way.

Biltmore Room
Status: CLOSED
Time on the 'Watch: 6 weeks
Prognosis/Analysis: Robbins will resurface at the former Russian Tea Room, where DW analysts will begin scrutinizing the data anew.

2006_07_barca.jpgBarça 18
Status: DEATHWATCH; now offering "Sunset Tapas"
Time on the 'Watch: 18 weeks
Prognosis/Analysis: Hanson's constitution is strong, but the clock does tick. Watch for a death-by-reinvention in the form of lots of small 'tweaks'.

Status: RE-DEATHWATCHED as Jefferson Seafood
Time on the 'Watch: 18 weeks
Prognosis/Analysis: Owners have the pockets to roll the dice on one more fall season, but if they keep skimping at Cafe Asean to support the lemon, the whole enterprise may find itself marked for death. T-minus 2 months at Jefferson.

Time on the 'Watch: 6 weeks
Prognosis/Analysis: Clambakes, Beer tastings continue; T-minus three months.

Status: DEATHWATCH; Chef Josh DeChellis now departed
Time on the 'Watch: 17 weeks
Prognosis/Analysis: DeChellis' departure was the first nail in the coffin; T-minus two months.

Itching to drop the hammer? Drop it, baby.