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VITAL SLA UPDATE: Marshall Stack Bone Dry

The vast and reliable -- and vastly reliable -- rumor mill indicates that Plywood heavyweight, The Marshall Stack Restaurant was just denied a liquor license. No further information is available at this time, but suffice it to say, she's dry, folks.

In three weeks, when New York jumps the gun on an opening announcement by a month (or more), together we will remember this moment fondly.

BONUS: Via the inbox, we have the first description of the Stack interior: "i live a block away and have been eyeing the work there for weeks. It is definitely post-plywood. The inside is very classic, old-world distressed brick walls replete with various layers of paint from decades past, keen fixtures but a small joint. i give'em 3 weeks or less B4 they open. My one visual complaint is the "retro" jukebox that is seen from the front door before entering, very cheesy."