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Eater Mailbag: Japonais, CB2, Orange, ABC

And now, for our next trick, we present a few gems from the Eater Mailbag. Just because Comments aren't the thing here doesn't mean you don't get an outlet to be heard. Behold:

1) Re: Japonais: "My favorite part of Japonaise is that at night they chain up all of the ceiling lighting fixtures on the veranda with tacky silver metal cords and locks that loop around and hang down onto the floor like clotheslines. Tre chic! We live a block away and have been charting their progress each day on the walk home from work..........."

2) Re: CB2 InstaMinutes: "It is a sad commentary when commie board meeting are breaking news. The whole system is so rigged and broken, it’s laughable. The only people that go to these meeting are retiree’s and downtownie’s that bought property in the 70’s and 80s and are now sitting on millions of dollars of real estate with an axe to grind because there are no artists left in soho. The shenanigans are never ending. It seriously makes me want to cry."

Ahead, on the particular color of orange curiously chosen by both Dirty Bird and S'Mac and a ABC plywood rant.

3) Re: S'mac/Dirty Bird To-Go: "THIS COINCIDENCE IS BEYOND AMAZEMENT: In case you haven't lately, please visit both of these websites immediately:

i find this shade of orange curious. is it the same orange? i am a wee bit colourblind, but i would wager that it is the same orange.

i am awaiting deliveries from both dirty bird and s'mac at this very second. i have a friend in town from minneapolis, and i'm treating him to an otherworldly nyc delivery experience."

4) On Alphabet city and the SLA: "A long-running question: What's up with the corner of 3rd/B, which used to house a restaurant/bar called B3 and a restaurant next door to it called General Store? I heard about a year ago that the owners of the extremely overcrowded, noise-polluting land of Jersey imports Le Souk (which many neighborhood folk refer to as "Le Suck") and now its equally sucky neighbor across the street, Churrascaria, had bought the space and were planning on turning it into something (presumably another equally miserable venue). The place remains boarded up, but lately I have been seeing people moving stuff in and out of it. Any word on what this might be? I am praying the community board puts a stop to whatever it is. If EU has to suffer their wrath, the least they could do is punish the Le Souk people, who are clearly actual cause of the neighborhood's woes."

Something you'd like to get off your chest? We're listening.

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