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InstaMinutes: CB2 Meeting 7/20/06

Given the proposition of particularly juicy community board meeting, of course we dispatched, not one but, two members of our intelligence gathering team to the meeting. Recall that at this Community Board 2 meeting the subjects of Blind Tiger Ale House and Buster's Garage were on the docket. As it turn outs, so were several other venues of interest. And away we go.

9:20 PM: I just got back from my first NYC CB meeting. The community was about 20 old coots, none below the age of 50. One man, Ed Gold, was particularly feisty.

1) Everything was going smoothly, with 5 apps being approved, until they got to Rambla, a new 105 person rest. On Bond street. They started in on over-saturation, and Ed got up and said that he wanted the application rejected on those grounds. He was going to make an example. One woman said that they shouldn't pick on this place, whose owners had met with them, bent over backwards to limit noise pollution, and made all changes they wanted in order to get a license. Ed and the rest wouldn't relent, and their app was denied.

Ahead, Buster's Garage, Blind Tiger, and a shocking turn of events for Ruby Falls. You don't want to miss this.

2) Busters Garage was denied a license for a new location, which got some cheers.

3) The team behind Ruby Falls sought to get a license for a new cabaret licensed spot on 14th street but was also denied. They had no chance.

4) Blind Tiger withdrew their app so they could continue to work with the CB. They had no chance of passage otherwise.

5) The people behind 77 are going to open a new location.
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